Thursday, 30 June 2011

Beach Bums

What a great day at the beach yesterday!  Got so many wonderful photos!  loads of shells as well for pages when I start working on them!  also picked up alot of smoothed glass for pages.  think it will make a cool effect!  

anyways!  enough words! time for photos!  

we had so much fun!


Wednesday, 29 June 2011

oh I'm behind!

oups!  I'm behind!  spent all day at the beach today and now at work where I bairly have net so I can't even show you guys any of my cool photos!!!!  I didn't even get a card done today!  got up at 7 showered, left, got back at 5:45, ate some fish and chips that weren't too good, lets at 6:15 for work, here now, will go home at 10 and will go to bed! A very full day!

sorry guys.  will better update you all tomorrow!  I got soooooooo many blogs to catch up on tomorrow too!  because I read everyone I follow even if I dont' always comment!


Tuesday, 28 June 2011

365 Cards: Day 120

yay!  got in on this one faster then normal!  yay!  though I did lose my blue ribbon for a while... I flung my hand because I got burnt by the superglue and it disappeared for a half hour! ><

sorry for the slight blur!  light fail this late at night


365 cars: Day 119

I found this one kind of hard since I only have 4 punches total!  not crazy about how it came out but hey!  Can't like them all right?  

so here it is:

blah... hope I have more luck with today's challenge!   


Blog candy!!

more blog candy!  and what a great one this one is!

Monday, 27 June 2011

We got a washer!

Finally!  no more hand washing clothes for me!  Picked up the washer my mother in law gave us today and it's working great! yay for clean clothes!  though I was doing a good job hand washing it gets to the point that you don't think you are doing a good job anymore... I had gotten to that point so yay!

other then that I've done 4 scrap book pages and a couple cards.  sorry haven't gotten any photos yet!  will have to show you tomorrow I'm afraid!  

planing on trying out a new church on Sunday!  I'm super excited about it!  can't wait!  and my friend Clare and her son are going with me to be an icebreaker.  She's been there before and can introduce me.  it's a shame she normally goes to a different church that I can't get to on Sundays.  but I think I will like this one!  from what she's said it's just the thing I'm looking for!

hum... what else... I feel like I've not told you much today... I promise I will have photos for you tomorrow of what I've been working on!


365 CARDS: day 118

I had this done yesterday!  just didnt' get it uploaded!  so I'm not late really am I?

don't like the stamp I used for "JOY" next time think I will just do snow flakes or something... other then that i'm happy with it!


Sunday, 26 June 2011

What a lovely day!

I'm in an AWESOME mood today! the sun is out, not a cloud in the sky, its nice and toasty warm out (my computer say 60 but I think it's in the 70s!)  and it is all around wonderfull!  the only thing that could have made this day better would be Mike (my hubby) being home but he's working his last day of 12 hour shifts today.  then FOUR WEEKS OFF for him!  yay!  so we've been doing alot of planing on what we will be doing!  though I sitll work Wednesday and Friday nights.  

I was very inspired by the sun today and for the first time tried out the  Sunburst technique!  which I can't seem to find a link to now... hum... oh here we go it's HERE!  at the operation write home website!  Here's the two cards I made useing this! 

like them?  I'm really happy with them!  the first one I personally like the first one just a little better but like them both overall!  the only colours I used on them was blue blue and more blue!  

I also wanted to make some kind of encouragement card so I made this one as well (idea is not mine!  it's my take on a card I saw on youtube!):  

one of the blue ones and the hang in there card are going to the church Christmas basket action for this year.  one of the other blue ones is going to OWH I think!  will just tuck it aside for now and see what happenes.  

I've also been working on little 3x3 cards.  Since these little cards don't use much materials and are so quick and easy to make I've decided that i'm gonna make about 30 of these or so to send to my Dad for him to take to his VA classes.  My Dad attends anti-depression classes up there and has been in the hospital several times due to related problems.  my first goal is to send him enough cards for him to give to his class (think it's 20 or 30....will have to ask)  but then I would like to make enough for him to take to to one of the wards as well!  that's closer to 50 I think.  they are not alot.  just little "just a note" and red white and blue and thankyou and so on cards.  I plan on writing in each one something like "thanks for all you have done for our country" or something like that.  

if Mike new I was planing all this he would NOT be happy! XD because of the amount of supplies all these plans will be taking, however I have 6 months to do all of this so I should be ok... gonna try to do one card a week for the big VA project and/or OWH, one a week for the basket, and one a week for Christmas, one a day for the 3x3 cards, plus any I want to use personally.  I think I can do that... that's 3 normal size cards a week and 7 3x3 cards.  doable?  I think so.... am I crazy?  lol need some support in this since I can't really tell my husband about it!

ok that's me off for now.  want to go play around facebook but people are complaining about this lovely weather that it's "too hot" when just last week they were saying how much they hated the rain!  some people are never happy!   so maybe I will go make more cards instead!  


Saturday, 25 June 2011

Proud of myself!

did this card today and am very happy with how it turned out!  

isn't it cute?  the top of the teapot lifts out and there's space to write.  There's also a Tetely teabag on the end of the ribbon!  

There's a story behind this card.  I've been washing all mine and my husband's clothes by hand since we've moved and it's been a real pain.  Been doing that for 3 months now!  BUT!  Yesterday my mother-in-law bought herself a new-used washing machine!  and said we can have her old one with for the price of taking her and her daughter out for Chinese!  Ofcourse my husband and I said yes!  

We are going on Monday to pick it up and I just had to make a card to say thankyou!  didn't want to do a simple one, even though simple cards are cute, this was a really special and big thing she's done for us so I wanted to do a card that matched how much we appreciated it!  So since she's a typical English lady and loves her tea the jump to make her something tea related wasn't a hard one!  What was hard was deciding what to do! finally came up with this idea though and I'm so happy with how it turned out!  will write a thankyou on that inside card (the lid lifts up and there's a bit of white cardstock there for a message)  and it will be ready to hand to her!  

the design changed alot as I worked on it but I'm very glad I changed it so much because I love how it ended up!  

hope you guys like it!  


Friday, 24 June 2011

anouther great giveaway!

wow I am finding so many wonderful give aways!  this one is by Raising Marshmallows and I gotta say I love her blog!  Thanks for finding me and linking me!

here's her give away link: 

it's really worth a look!  here's hoping I will win!

Friday Update

No tutorial today.  just an update on what all I've been working on!

I have been making boxes boxes and more boxes!  triangle boxes mostly.  these boxes are so fast and easy to do!  I've done about a dozen or so of them!  and plan on doing more.  they are prefect to send to people for birthday gifts or to decorate up for Christmas gifts! perfect for when you want to get someone a little something and not have to spend alot of money on it.  just make one of these and fill it with candy, add a matching card and done!  (may make a tutorial of these soon)

These are the just normal every day/birthday ones...

  and this one is a Christmas one!  cute hu?

I've also done a triangle ornament or two but I don't like them as much because the tape shut and it's hard to get a good finish.  might try them again with a glue gun.  

Here's just a random little card I did the other day...

I've also made a couple milk cartons but am not happy with them so not posting them :P

oh yes!  and I've made a couple of these cute get well cards!  Really love these!  The idea itself isn't mine but this interpretation of it is!  I've also done a frog version of it but I dont' think I like it as much as the cute chick/duck one! (also might make a tutorial of these? )

and last but not least I wanted to say how awesome my hubby is! he brought me home these last night for no reason other then he wanted to!  

isn't he sweet?  

well off to make my hubby some brownies!  talk to you all later!  hope you have a GREAT weekend!


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Blog candy!

just spotted this blog candy and had to share it with you!  HERE

isn't this give away just lovely!  I really hope I get it as it's amazing!  I've wanted to do something like this for a while but haven't got a chance!  so goodluck everyone on getting this!  


Paper Heart Tutorial

First off I'm very happy to say my Grandma is doing a bit better though not out of the woods yet but now there is hope that she soon will be!

Ok for some reason my photos are working today.  odd. oh well I'm not gonna complain!  Just glad they are because that means I can post another tutorial!  

I have an old book that I saved from the trash can a while back and I've been wanting to do something with the pages, so when I came across directions to do HUGE hearts like this I knew I had to try them mini sized with the book! 

Took me a few tries to figure out the sizes I wanted to cut my strips and to realize I needed to put ribbon in the middle for them to be able to hang.  But soon I was on a roll and now I can do these in about 5 minutes start to finish if that long!  

First off you you need:
a few inches of ribbon (no too thin or it's hard to get the pin in it)
a small brad (I used mini white)
2 strips of 6x1/2 paper (for me that was when I cut the top and bottom off the page so I didn't have a large blank spot)
2 strips of 5x1/2
2 strips of 4x1/2
2 strips of 3x1/2
(also will need some kind of piercing tool.  I use a needle and butter knife as my hammer :P  )

now one strip of each paper, long to short, together.  pinch on the bottom so the pages are straight as possible with each other.  I have it fanned out in the photo just to show the order.  I always do them right side up as shown.  that way when I start forming the heart the words will be upside down and people will not be distracted from the heart by trying to read the words.  

Here they are piled up how they should be.  

next flip the pile over so the top paper is the long one.  then fold your ribbon in half and lay it along the paper with the ends going past the end of the paper where you are holding.  don't worry if it isn't above the paper on the other end.  it isn't spose to be.  

Now do the same stacking on the other side.  remember once done the long ones are on the inside and the shortest are on the outsides

now it's time to start folding your heart!  on one side take the shortest outter most strip and fold it down untill the end if level with the end of the rest of the paper and pinch it there.  

contiune doing this for the rest of that side.  you now have half your heart!  don't worry about if it's fat or fluffy enough at this point.  we will get to that.  

now do the same to the other side.  Look! There's your heart!  but we aren't done yet.  we have to make it stay in place still

your ends should line up as close as posible with the ribbon sticking on of the end close to the middle of the paper.  if they are not perfect don't worry.  we will trim them in a minute 

now about 1/4 inch or more up from the end poke a hole through all of the paper and the ribbon.  carefull the paper doesn't get away from you while doing this. 

Make sure your hole goes all the way through all of the paper.  

now carefully add the brad in the hole

and open it on the other side.  make sure when you do this you are pushing on the other end so it's nice and tight as posible. 

now take a big pair of scissors and trim just a little off the end to get everythign nice and even looking

now you can be done if you want!  but I like to add one last step...

I like to fold one side back and add a drop of glue with my ribbon just to give it a bit of extra hold

once you pinch it shut make sure you wipe the extra glue off the sides

That's it!  I the just press the tops of each lay gently with my hand to puff them out some!  Then add a box and a nice saying to the lid (still looking for one that fits.... O.o  )  and this makes a perfect little gift.  or then put it aside for Valentine day or Christmas!  it's up to you!  

Try it with different colour paper, paper with one colour on the inside and a different on the outside, try it larger scale (recommended sizes if up-sized is 12, 10, 8, 6), just try it!  have fun with it!  you can easily make a dozen or so of these in a day!

Hope you guys liked my tutorial.  do I take enough photos? too many?  let me know because I enjoy doing these!  I really like making crafts, but even more I love sharing how I do them so you can enjoy doing them just as much as me!


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Fighting with My Blog

Well I was gonna show you guys the projects I've done today but my blog will not let me post photos all of a sudden... can't get it to work so i will just do a double photo post tomorrow if it starts working again.  

found out today that my (unofficially) addoped Grandma is in the hospital again and though they've said it was bad before it really doesn't sound like she's gonna pull through this time.  It's her kidneys.  The  Doctors have waited to put her on dialysis and now it might be too late.  there is still a slim chance she will make it when she goes on that but it's pretty slim... so I've been zooning out all day and trying to do simple mindless crafts to keep my mind off it.  :(

I will have to show you guys tomorrow what all I've made because I still havent' got my blog to post my photos.  if it still isn't come tomorrow I will just post links.  

hope you all are having a good day!


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

so many tatorials so little time!

hi all!  just wanted to share this blog I just found today!  it's  there are so many ideas and how-tos in here that I know I'm gonna spend all night just looking through them all!  hope you enjoy them as much as I am!

Card Making Day!

I've been scrapping and crafting like crazy these last few days!  Just wanted to show you guys a few of the things I made today alone!  and it's only 11 am so far!  

This is my first try on Tri-fold cards.  I have alot of paper here but nothing that seemed to really fit with colours so I used different kinds of poke-a-dots.  I also broke out my new "Just a note..." stamp for the first time!  on the inside most panel I embossed some roses on white and left a space for a small message to be written.  Then to top it all off I made up a fast envelope for it to go in.  still not sure if I want to give this away or use it myself.  

This is an exploding box I've been working on for a couple days.  it's slow going because I'm not sure I know what I want to do with it still...

Next is a gate card I made.  kind of.  it was spose to open the other way but I kind of messed up and did it this way instead so that the writing on the paper looked right.  still not done doing it though.  I want to add a saying or something on it but not sure what.  and I'm waiting for my flower embellishment to finish drying as well.  

This is just a fast simple card I did useing my just a note stamp again then a butterfly stamp and a bit of ribbon.  inside I have the pen from the stamp.

And last but not least this is just a little embellishment thing I made that I have no idea what I'm gonna do with yet

So now you are all caught up on what I've been working on!  I will try to update tomorrow too with what else I have made!  Hoping to keep up with this pace all week and get alot done!  Need to get alot made for the Fall Festival Craft Room and for the charity action box of cards I'm doing.  

Been trying out alot of new techniques and really love it and starting to branch out a bit.  tell me what you think!