Saturday, 25 June 2011

Proud of myself!

did this card today and am very happy with how it turned out!  

isn't it cute?  the top of the teapot lifts out and there's space to write.  There's also a Tetely teabag on the end of the ribbon!  

There's a story behind this card.  I've been washing all mine and my husband's clothes by hand since we've moved and it's been a real pain.  Been doing that for 3 months now!  BUT!  Yesterday my mother-in-law bought herself a new-used washing machine!  and said we can have her old one with for the price of taking her and her daughter out for Chinese!  Ofcourse my husband and I said yes!  

We are going on Monday to pick it up and I just had to make a card to say thankyou!  didn't want to do a simple one, even though simple cards are cute, this was a really special and big thing she's done for us so I wanted to do a card that matched how much we appreciated it!  So since she's a typical English lady and loves her tea the jump to make her something tea related wasn't a hard one!  What was hard was deciding what to do! finally came up with this idea though and I'm so happy with how it turned out!  will write a thankyou on that inside card (the lid lifts up and there's a bit of white cardstock there for a message)  and it will be ready to hand to her!  

the design changed alot as I worked on it but I'm very glad I changed it so much because I love how it ended up!  

hope you guys like it!  



  1. It turned out lovely, Y! Perfect for my most recent post, which I thank you very much for visiting. It seems the tea theme has become a part of my life {even though I prefer coffee over tea!}.

  2. Oh I love shaped cards. Thank You for dropping by my blog earlier and becoming a follower
    I love your creations and style of writing. Wishing all the best for your father
    Love Sonia