Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Fighting with My Blog

Well I was gonna show you guys the projects I've done today but my blog will not let me post photos all of a sudden... can't get it to work so i will just do a double photo post tomorrow if it starts working again.  

found out today that my (unofficially) addoped Grandma is in the hospital again and though they've said it was bad before it really doesn't sound like she's gonna pull through this time.  It's her kidneys.  The  Doctors have waited to put her on dialysis and now it might be too late.  there is still a slim chance she will make it when she goes on that but it's pretty slim... so I've been zooning out all day and trying to do simple mindless crafts to keep my mind off it.  :(

I will have to show you guys tomorrow what all I've made because I still havent' got my blog to post my photos.  if it still isn't come tomorrow I will just post links.  

hope you all are having a good day!


1 comment:

  1. AWWWW sorry to hear about your grams, hugs! Hopefully blogger will cooperate for you tomorrow. I didnt have any problems today.