Monday, 29 August 2011


Sorry it's been a while since I've updated here.  I've got my new job as a Carer at a nursing home place (only nicer then most!) and I've still got my evening babysitting job and then on top of all that this weekend was a HUGE beer fest at the pub that I work at (I babysit the owners son) so I got loads of work cleaning away glasses and being a general Go-For all weekend.  Worked on the clock for over 18 hours and was there for over 24 hours in two days time.  Was a very busy weekend!  

Wondering what all that has to do with coasters?  well the pub was given loads of coasters like normal and they normally use them if they advertise drinks or what not.  but they got alot of Heinz coasters they didn't want to use so since they know I craft and had asked if I could have a few in the past they gave me ALL of those coasters!  I got about 1000 of them or so here!  so I'm gonna be going crazy crafting with them! making little boxes, minis, frames, magnets  inspirational saying frames, wall many ideas!  so I'm set craft wise for quite a while!  

I'm going to try to get some inspirational saying wall hangings done in time for the Fall Festival back at my home church in the states.  maybe a few name ones as well.  also gonna work out how to make the frames so they can slide in the photo after they are hooked together.  think I know how to do that though.  

so I'm off to play!  wish me luck!


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I'm a Working Woman!

Sorry I've been a bit lax on my blogs guys.  I'm having to cut back how many I post because I got a new job!  that's right!  I'm a working woman!  so some days it takes up all of my time because even though it's only 8 hours a day three days a week, another three days a week I work babysitting in the evenings and sometimes (like today) I'm only gonna be home about 15 minutes before catching my ride in to babysit!  I SHOULD be able to still post though! don't think I won't!  because a couple hours of baby sitting is after my little charge goes to sleep and I can computer then, just the net is really slow so I can't always update this blog.  

this infact is just a fast update before I head out the door for some training!  wish me luck!


Friday, 19 August 2011

Halloween on the mind

ok fess up!  who else has already started on Halloween cards?  I can't be the only one!  A couple days ago I made one useing a "by the seat of my pants" masking idea. 

so I have some tape that doesn't really stick too well.  I put that on the back of these bat things I have.  then I inked the entire card just with my straight ink pad, just tapping on it.  Then I removed the bats and the tap and continued making my card on that base.  I think it worked well!  what do you think?

my diecut letters are so big I had to get creative with how I put Halloween on the card!  so I decided Happy shouldn't be on there.  instead I put some of the black bats back on, added some gogglie eyes and a couple pumpkins!  I then backed black behind that and glued it to my card.  I'm pretty happy with the over all look of it!  what do you think?  any advice? things I think I should do again?  


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

DieCut Fun

I've been haveing so much fun with my new-to-me diecut machine!  

here's one I had fun destressing as much as I could. Had no idea what I was gonna put as a saying then I got my diecut!  So I had to put a word on it all broken like!  
took me forever to decide what to put in that far corner!  am glad I picked something small though!

let's see... what else did I make...

this one is just a simple card.  was trying to get use to my different things I had cut out.  basicly all the blue on this card but the flower in the vase was diecut

a simple card but it would have been impossible before this diecut!  

I have so many wedding confetti!  had to use it!  I have bells, hearts, couples, just married words.... had to use some of it!

now take a closer look at the Just married though... doesn't it look like just maimed?  confused my husband and I but we think it's just the way it's written...

and last but not least (of the ones I have taken photos of and have on my computer that is!)

a very simple card... wish I had put texture in the background but oh well... live and learn.... I LOVE the big flower on the bottom of this one!  that's all diecut out!  yes I only have an alphabet but with that set there is the vase, flower stem/leaf, that odd half a flower thing... the thanks, HI, to, from, that tag, and those pointy flowers.  but that's all the ones I get for now!  gonna try to get as much out of them as I can so expect to see loads of thanks and hi cards from me for a while using the Cuttlebug! 


blog candy!!!!!

over at Pixie Dust Paperie

look at these goodies!

only got aouther couple days to enter so get over there fast and goodluck to you!

Monday, 15 August 2011

365 Cards: Day 167

My card for 365 Cards: day-167-vintage-plus-red 

Vintage with red I knew right away I wanted to use one of my Tim Holtz masks.  My little ones were too little so I used my HUGE one and just used part of it for the card.  love how that turned out.  then I knew I wanted to make it Christmasy and use my tag stamp that reads "Sending Christmas Greetings"  but I wanted to make sure my background red was the main colour and the main focus so this is what I came up with:

hope you guys like it!  


My little helper

I love my cat Raven so much!  He's awesome!  Though a bit of a butthead... he loves to sit in the window next to my desk and sleep as I craft or sleep behind my chair: (he was about to itch an inch)

and I like it when he sleeps here like this:

however sometimes he sleeps right were I can't craft OR computer because he's in my way:

one of his favourite things is to push little bottles or embellishments around my desk.  today he was chasing after this bottle for a while and I keep saying his name to make him stop.  He jumped down on the office table that's caddy-corner to my desk and well.....

But you gotta love him!  


Sunday, 14 August 2011

365 Cards: Day 165

Decided to back track some on the card challenges to get some more inspiration since I've been so out of the loop lately.  This is what I made for day-165-30-minutes-or-less 

really love how this one turned out!  very simple yet cute!  

off to make more!


365 Cards: Day 166

Finally able to get back in to card making!  home with no visitors, not having to house sit, not out and about every day... so yay!  back to making cards again!  and now that I have my diecut machine I'm on a roll!  

got two different cards made but I only have one on my computer.  that one is for today's day-166-super-sketchy-sunday challenge!  and here she is!

I know my colour is a bit off... the background is white not the blueish grey colour... didn't have good enough lighting for the photo.  sorry... but you get the idea!  woot for diecut letters/words!

after making this card I got very mad at my desk being such a horrible mess and two hours later my desk and my shelves next to it are all straightened up at last!  good!  that's been needing done for the last two months!  I can finally see where my tools are again!  

hope you liked the card!  I'm off to create more since I'm in a productive mood!  


It's here!

Finally got my goodies!  Omg I'm so excited!  most of it I don't get now... it gets wrap up for Christmas but yay for what I do get!  

confused?  ok sorry was getting ahead of myself there... so my husband Mike's Mom is moving and she decided that she didn't need all her crafting gear anymore so she offered to sell it to Mike for a set price WAY below what it's worth.  He awesomely took her up on it!  look at all this stuff!

three HUGE HEAVY boxes worth!  those boxes are big!  now before you get to excited to see all my goodies I gotta tell you most of it I don't get yet... but I did have a fast peek through and got a few little things and one BIG thing out of it!  first off I got this:

it's a glue gun so I stop stealing Mike's good one, some glue, another small cutting pad to work on (because mine's even smaller!) and one Christmas saying stamp.  pretty cool hu?  but that's not be best!  what I got that I can't get enough of is this!

that's right!  a Cuttlebug!  and one set of alphabet! I've been wanting one for ages!!!!!!!  omg omg omg omg!  I am so excited and I've already made two cards this morning useing the letters!  I hate hand writing on my cards because mine is so rubbish so this is gonna open up loads of new doors for me to be able to craft with!  I'm so happy you have no idea!

I also got a quick peek at the rest of what was in the boxes but long as I didn't look too close. here are a few photos I snapped.  I only went about a fourth way down into the boxes even!  don't get it now though.... but now I know Christmas is gonna be craft stuff crazy!  haha!

that stand thingy has a total of 30 different coloured ink pads on it! then glitter, pens, paper, and embellishments

more paper and embellishments! 

bairly even scratched the surface of this box!

more embellishments, an album, a bag of papers, glitters and more!

embellishments!  yay!!!!

still so much more in there that I didn't even get to look at!  though I did spy loads of ribbon!

my diecut!  yaya!  and glitter and little box after box of embellishments!

more diecut things in there but i didn't get to look yet.  and soooooo much paper!  this isn't even to the bottom of the box either though this one is alot closer!

more papers!  in that same box again

more things for my diecut!

and more paper!  

and even more paper!

well that's as much as I was alowed to look at.  pretty cool hu?  get here faster Christmas!  haha!  off to craft!


Saturday, 13 August 2011

getting back on track

about time I posted another blog isn't it?  sorry!  I've gotten so bad here lately... maybe it's because I've not been scrapping as much here lately?  instead I've been idea collecting!  I've been surfing the blogs for do-able ideas for Christmas gifts and things to put in a craft room at the fall festival!  so that's where alot of my time has been spent.  I've also been doing little things like...

working on my project 182 days!  I've gotten a good start on the boxes for it and I've got 6 finished and in the box so I'm doing pretty good.  have to get some more white paper before I can make any more though.  I've decided for each of my 182 trinkets I will put them in a box that originally the outside/top will be white and the inside/bottom will be coloured.  then as he opens each box he can put it back together the other way so his box of reason's I love him slowly get colourful!  

here's just a few of the boxes I've gotten made up:

I think I  have about 30-40 total now!  yay!  Not in the photo but I've started doing the coloured bottoms using pages of magazines and stuff instead of my paper now!  recycles and looks just as good plus that keeps my good stuff for other crafts!  

I've had loads of fun playing with my first ever bottle of Glossy Accents too!  I dont' use it much for glueing stuff on but I use it alot to put a glossy finish on things.  soon I want to try to make a ship in a bottle tag thing and then cover it in the gloss.  think that will turn out awesome!

I've really been wanting to make some pompoms useing paper but I dont' have any of the balls for the centre so I will have to wait... that or find something else that will work!  

I'm still surfing though blogs for different craft and/or gift ideas and they keep on having food on them!  makes me hungry!  haha staying strong on my new diet though!  down 5.6 pounds so far!  yay!  

ok off to find an apple I think!  will try to update a bit more often!  


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Riots

sorry!  gosh I'm behind on here!  will post sometime this week what I've been working on!  promise!  because I've made a birthday card, loads of little cute flowers and 16 (I think?) boxes.  have company here though so I hate to be rude and try to be typeing up one of these while we are talking so it may be untill Friday or Saturday before I get a proper post... or... okok I will try to get one done tomorrow before she wakes up! 

you US followers.  have you seen the riots we've had over here?  it's mad!  luckily I'm way south of any of this but man it's scarry... here's a photo of the confirmed places of rioting in London alone.  this isn't counting the little pockets of more as much as 100 miles away

there's been over 400 arrests but if you look it up there are thousands of people out there looting and setting people's houses and stores afire!  reason?  there is no real reason.  it started over a gang member being shot then it just went from there to people feeling like the government wasn't careing about them anymore and then BOOM!!! riots attacks looting... the riots aren't even about anything any more!  they are just an excuse for punk teens and kids (some as young as 10!) to go out and smash stuff up and loot.  

hope this ends soon... I got alot of friends that live in these area.  so far so good with them staying indoors and safe, but they can only hold up for so long before they have to go out..... 

anyways!  an ART update from me soon!  


Saturday, 6 August 2011

Behind but still here!

sorry all!  I'm a bit behind on posting here I know!  It's because i haven't been crafting much as of late because I've been house sitting for my Mother in Law for two weeks and can't really craft here!  

I do have a HUGE bit of goodies coming though!  will wait to tell you more later though.  untill I have photos to show you what I will be getting.  

still working my my project 182 days.  have 30 more to come up with but I'm sure they will slowly come to me over time as things happen.  I've about got myself convinced to make a box for each tag as well so they dont' get caught on each other and risk them getting damaged.  I found a great little tutorial on how to make 2 inch boxes (top and bottom) out of two 6X6 papers so I might do that!  i got loads of paper after all that I need to start working through!  so I will be hitting that project hard soon.  We never know when he will be called out for a deployment and I would hate to only be half way through it when he leaves.  so I got loads of folding to do!  

well off to visit with my family (at their house now stealing their net!)  More updates soon!