Sunday, 31 July 2011

Digital Scrapbooking

Been playing some with the digtal scrapbooking!  it's really addictive! alot of fun to play with though I'm still working through how to organize all my freebies I found!  
Been doing some of my family... first off some of my little brother...

isn't he cute?  all photos Mom has taken from March!  He's such a good kid!

then I'm working on some of my Sister in Law... trying to come up with enough photos to make a small mini of her for my Mother in Law if I can!

Really happy with that last one!  

last page I did today was of my Daddy!  back... oh... 10...20... okok 30ish years ago!  haha!  this had to be around the time him and my Mom got married when he was 21!  really wanted to do a military one of him but couldn't find any scanned in photos of him in his uniform so I went with Farm boy/proud American instead.  

really love how this one turned out!  i like doing these because I don't have to have loads of supplies pitching around... right now infact I'm at my Mother in Law's house watching her dogs as she's out of town.  that's why I haven't had any cards done lately.  don't want to drag all that here.  so instead i'm trying to figure out this digital scrap booking stuff!  my hubby isn't a big fan of it but oh well... I got a great group of ladies on one website that really support me in it!  

oh yeah.  I'm also playing around with doing some photo editing like this: 

and printing them out and framing them for my Mom.  this is my little brother again back when he was... 3?  I think three... or close to it.  print this, add some jewels and bling, frame it, done!  think it would make some great gifts!  

have a great week everyone! 


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

182 Day Project

don't know if I have told you all on here yet or not but my husband is in the British Navy.  He's an engineer there and works with pretty much everything from the big diesels to a stopped up toilet.  he's gone alot due to this job unfortunately..... he will be gone from sometimes just a couple days, sometimes a couple weeks, a month... and then every 18 months or so he's gone for a 6 month deployment where my only contact with him is emails that he can't always check and letters and good boxes I can send to him that he only gets about once a month.  

Anyways... where am I going with this?  Well I was playing around with a mini tag the other day and decided to write a note on it to him for him to find in his bag while at work.  from this idea sprung my newest project!  182 days (6 months) of notes for him to read showing him my love for him even when he's so far away so he doesn't forget that I'm thinking of him every single day.  

This is a huge task!  I've made up two tags so far.  the one I was makeing yesterday that caused the idea and one more since then.  I'm putting them all in a shoe box right now, and might use that shoe box only dress it up a bit to send with him.  

so I now have 182 reasons to come up with (harder then you think!  there's reasons... but it's hard not to repeat and to try to put those feelings into words, and I don't want to look up any on the net... these all need to come from ME so alot of thinking to do!), 182 tags to make that can all be thrown in one box and not catch on each other and keep hardy, a box to decorate, and something to make for him to keep the tags in after he reads them.  so... i'm more then likely gonna be busy for 182 days!  haha!  good thing his next trip isn't even on the books yet so I have loads of time still!  

I will try to keep you guys updated with how I'm doing on this as I work on it.  As always any advice or input is most appreciated!  I will try to update you on this once a week.  

God bless!


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

random update

getting behind on posting on here so I thought I would tell you a few things I've been working on!  

well.. not alot... I've been busy!  but here are a few more calender magnets!  

out of magnet strips so done doing these for a while!  but just untill I get some more strips!  

I've also been playing around some with bottle caps... but don't have anythign from that to show you yet.  gotta wait for my order of glossy accents comes in!  I've never had any before and am really looking forward to playing with it!  

this is a butter fly I made out of the fabric flowers I got a while back!  been playing with them alot and just had to make this!  after taking this photo I hot glued a mini close pin on the back of it and it's not clipped to the top of the lamp shade on my desk!  no idea what else I could do with it because it's kind of large so it will live there for a while!  

now I'm playing with the little tags I bought recently!  I'm distressing them and think inking them with brown and then stamping cute little black pawprints on them!  no idea what I'm gonna do with them yet... but I want to play with little crafts right now and nothing big!  


Saturday, 23 July 2011

Refrigerator Calender

Saw an idea for these the other day and just HAD do to them!  I'm having a blast makeing these!  will sue them as gifts for the people that are on the line for a Christmas gifts.  you know... those that you are "do I get them a gift or not?  are they that close to me? "

do you guys like them?  I'm having so much fun making them!  luckily I bought 5 fake LARGE flowers yesterday that I can use the petals off of them! 

hum... now to think of more ideas! haha!


Friday, 22 July 2011

365 card: Day 141

been playing more with shaker cards and made this one to enter in Day 141 of Green Brown and Blue!

wasn't 100% happy with this though I loved the idea... I put too much tea in it though and remade it a bit different, but I forgot about the 365 days so it no longer fit that but I will share it anyways!

Love how this one turned out!  for you non-UK folk that's how you order tea over here!  Tea, white, two.  means you want a mug of tea, with milk and two sugars!  so this card is really for a tea crazy person!  hehe

right got so much more I want to show you but not tonight... I'm at work and though I'm allowed on the computer after the boy i babysit goes to sleep I would rather not use up all their net so that's it for now!  will try to do an update tomorrow of all the cards I've done and show a new project I'm working on!  hope you have a great weekend!


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

compleatly HUGE give away!

I found this through anouther bloger I watch and WOW!  what a lot of stuff!  check this out!

there are hundreds of pages of paper, so many stickers and goodies that I about fell over just looking at it all!  go take a look!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

New card style and OMG a clean desk? no way!

worked out a new card making style!  well... not new new... new to me!  haha been making shaker cards!  

this one was my first try:

really like how it turned out but am changeing some things up next time I make it... make the border around the shaker out of blue not white and only do one layer up not two.  but other then that I'm super happy with it!

see the birds on it?  confetti!  I got so excited when my hubby got me it!  it was in a large pack of birds, hearts, wineglasses, bells, a couple, and the words "just married".  I'm gonna use all but the couple and words easily.  but got plans to cut up some of the words to use in shakers cards!  

I've also done anouther shaker card but wasn't 100% happy with it so will wait and show you the second go around on it! ^^

I've cleaned my desk (kindof) today too!  been about two weeks since I had and stuff was getting lost!  haha!

oh and as a special little somethign wanted to show you a photo of me and my husband!  

it's he cute?  he helps me out so much with my scrapping!  the idea of the card I have yet to show you was his then I took it and I just took it and made it work on a card!  and he cut the circles for the borders for me and taught me how to do it!  he also glued the shells on the card for me in that shaker card!  he's a real help and always gives me good input!  


Monday, 18 July 2011

365 Cards: Day 139

back to playing along at 365 Cards!  soooo much fun and endless ideas!  I'm telling you if you aren't already following along you should!  it's a blast and keeps me making cards even when I'm in a slump and gets me out of them!

here's mine for  day 139!  wanted to do black and white again since I have so many doilies sitting around!  and I think the black and white look goes very well with sympathy cards.  so here's what I came up with! 

I cut the middle of out my doily (am I spelling that right?)  since it was way too big.  I also stole the strand of pearls off a little flower set I have.  

can you tell I'm addicted to buttons and jewels?  I can hardly make a card without them! 


Sunday, 17 July 2011

Saturday, 16 July 2011

blog candy!!!!

more bloggy candy!  


a really great one!  go check it out!  

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Questions to Ponder

While sitting up here on this sofa as the little boy I baby sit is down stairs sleeping and the dog is giveing me strange looks, I can't help but ponder a few things about scraping and challenges.  

Today I showed my husbands some people's entries for different card contests and he was surprised to see some people make one card then enter it in 5-10 different challenges to try to win something.  it's the whole point to be scraping/card making more and to be inspired to make muti things?  Maybe mix a couple if they really inspire you together but not to take your creation and hold it up to different challenges and go "can this one fit this?"  you should be inspired by the challenge and not try to "make it fit" just for an extra chance to win.

how many ways can you make the same kind of card?  you can change the colour, the size, the angle, but useing the same style.  how many times can this be done before your art becomes stale?  or how strong does the style have to be to make it your personal "style" instead of just "repetitive"  hum....

Why are people always surprised when they learn my husband has female friends he hangs out with?  the other day he was in the pub next door to my work where my boss works the pub with her husband as I babysit.  when she came back she was shocked and asked me right away if I knew my husband was in.  when I told her yes she seemed concerned that he was in with a female friend and was very shocked when I told her I knew he was and I was ok with it and even told me she was keeping an eye on them for me.  When does it not become ok for a guy to have a friendly drink with another girl.  I could get it if it was without me knowing or done sneakily but if he was up to no good he wouldn't do it in the pub I work for.  Why are people always surprised by the blind faith and trust we have in each other?  is it because they can't trust their partner so blindly?  or they secretly know if they were trusted that way they wouldn't/couldn't stay faithfull?

why am I asking all these questions?

have I made you stop and think?

can you guys tell I'm trying to not nod off on this overly comfortable sofa so I'm not caught sleeping on the job?  and that I am half asleep and a bit out of it?

now I'm off to find anouther way to stay awake!  will I get any replies to this?  more then likely not :P


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

365 Cards: Day 128-131

Right!  finally got a sec and got caught up a bit on 365 Cards!  Not quite all the way but some of it!  plus a few other random ones I just did as I was doing the others...

Day 128 Ad Inspired

Day 129 Criss Cross

Day 130 Summer Fun

Day 131 Wishing On Star

and a few random fun ones!

button crazy!

and here is one other I have been wanting to do forever!  

do you like them?  hope so!!!!11


Back from Camping! (loads of photos)

omg this weekend was GREAT!  had so much fun camping and I have so many photos and fond memories to share with you!  

before I start posting photos though I need to explain something... I'm a furry.  now that doesn't mean we dress up like animals to do horrible things in a back room.  for me and my husband it isn't a sexual thing!  it's just for fun.  so that's why you will see a couple photos of people dressed up in animal outfits.  only a couple photos though.  my husband is the one with the red white and blue dog!  Please don't believe CSI or anything else you see on TV about furries... that's NOT who we are!  we do it just for fun.  it's a good excuse to run around and act silly!  

ok now that I got that out of the way... all the photos!  

a friend of ours brought her dog Maya with us!  she's a sweetheart but super spoiled!

our friend RJ putting up his tent in the rain!

my hubby!  we hung out in the tent a bit the first day playing cards when it was raining

here's the fursuiters!  the blue one sitting is the maker of all 4 of these suits!  

a closeup of my husband's suit Duplo!  isn't it cute!  

and a lovely sunset the first night!  

slow start for some on Saturday Morning!  

a nice balancing act by Maya!  

my hubby and one of our friends goofing off.  we played alot of ball games and such that day!

oh my!  night time again and one of me being goffy with a glowstick!  

glow sticks are fun!

want some cold water to get you up?  haha!

.... my hubby's a goofball!  

er... as I said....

just chilling out the last morning...

and ofcourse have to make a mess... pepsi and mint imperials....

same idea as mentos... it gosh fffffffffssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

and makes a huge mess!  haha!

so ofcourse we chucked it away!  

when it hit the ground it bounced back up like a rocket!  was pretty awesome!

man that was a great weekend... now to catch up on makeing cards!


Thursday, 7 July 2011

365 Cards: Day 127

wow I'm getting behind on doing 365 Cards!  I'm gonna be gone all weekend too so bye until Sunday night!  Going camping with friends!  

Here's 127!

Yes I made a Mother's day Card in July!  don't judge me!  XD  it fit the colours I was useing best I though!  btw can you tell I'm obsessed with buttons here lately? lol!

I also got 128 done but the glue isn't done yet so I will show you Sunday when I get home!  


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

365 cards: day 126

wow I'm late.... this is for 365 Cards O.o  Finally decided on a saying for this card!  did it days ago but didn't know what saying really fit!


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Inspiration Tuesday!

well... I got this inspiration on Monday but I thought I would share them with you guys to see if you can get inspired like I do!

a while back I was looking for a modern "new age" dress for a card I was making.  this is what I found:

I was inspired by the red and black one on the right.  And this is the card I was able to make from that (you've already seen it if you are following me because I used it for one of my 365 Cards)

Yesterday I was inspired by:

I just loved all the angels and the colours and everything about this! so this is the card I made:

think I will put thinking of you or something on this.... or just leave it blank

here's a few more fashion shots that inspire me that I haven't done a card off of yet.  (all these photos are credited to the models, photographers, designers ect.  I found them on google :P  )

These colours together and the way it's only half... gotta use that some time!

once again the colours and angles on this

the blue with the black lines with all the straight cuts....

the middle one with the puffy yellow then the black in the middle!
And last but not least the green ruffles of this with the yellow and colour on top!

And that's it for my inspiration Tuesday!  if you get inspired from one of these and do a card or layout or anything off them please let me know and link me up to it!  would love to see what you come up with!