Friday, 24 June 2011

Friday Update

No tutorial today.  just an update on what all I've been working on!

I have been making boxes boxes and more boxes!  triangle boxes mostly.  these boxes are so fast and easy to do!  I've done about a dozen or so of them!  and plan on doing more.  they are prefect to send to people for birthday gifts or to decorate up for Christmas gifts! perfect for when you want to get someone a little something and not have to spend alot of money on it.  just make one of these and fill it with candy, add a matching card and done!  (may make a tutorial of these soon)

These are the just normal every day/birthday ones...

  and this one is a Christmas one!  cute hu?

I've also done a triangle ornament or two but I don't like them as much because the tape shut and it's hard to get a good finish.  might try them again with a glue gun.  

Here's just a random little card I did the other day...

I've also made a couple milk cartons but am not happy with them so not posting them :P

oh yes!  and I've made a couple of these cute get well cards!  Really love these!  The idea itself isn't mine but this interpretation of it is!  I've also done a frog version of it but I dont' think I like it as much as the cute chick/duck one! (also might make a tutorial of these? )

and last but not least I wanted to say how awesome my hubby is! he brought me home these last night for no reason other then he wanted to!  

isn't he sweet?  

well off to make my hubby some brownies!  talk to you all later!  hope you have a GREAT weekend!


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  1. Very cute boxes! I'm your new follower.
    I have a giveaway going on over at my blog! You should enter! Raising Marshmallows