Saturday, 18 June 2011

Busy day!

Well I had planed on doing loads of photo taking and explaining things on here today but we went up north and meet up with friends and had a busy day!  then when I got home all in a good mood and happily going through photos and posted one and a guy got all bent out of shape because the though my husband's hands where on his wife's boobs, which they weren't.... so he all but attacked my husband over it and I've been fuming but he just said sorry so I'm better again.  this guy is wayyyyyyyyyyy over protective and blow stuff way out of proportion considering how many people where there..... but whatever... got sorrys so we are good again...

anyways wanted to post even though it's just talkings.... it's something to put up right?

will try to put up some scrap booking or card making tomorrow!  am going craft shopping so might not get a chance...

untill next time!

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