Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Card Making Day!

I've been scrapping and crafting like crazy these last few days!  Just wanted to show you guys a few of the things I made today alone!  and it's only 11 am so far!  

This is my first try on Tri-fold cards.  I have alot of paper here but nothing that seemed to really fit with colours so I used different kinds of poke-a-dots.  I also broke out my new "Just a note..." stamp for the first time!  on the inside most panel I embossed some roses on white and left a space for a small message to be written.  Then to top it all off I made up a fast envelope for it to go in.  still not sure if I want to give this away or use it myself.  

This is an exploding box I've been working on for a couple days.  it's slow going because I'm not sure I know what I want to do with it still...

Next is a gate card I made.  kind of.  it was spose to open the other way but I kind of messed up and did it this way instead so that the writing on the paper looked right.  still not done doing it though.  I want to add a saying or something on it but not sure what.  and I'm waiting for my flower embellishment to finish drying as well.  

This is just a fast simple card I did useing my just a note stamp again then a butterfly stamp and a bit of ribbon.  inside I have the pen from the stamp.

And last but not least this is just a little embellishment thing I made that I have no idea what I'm gonna do with yet

So now you are all caught up on what I've been working on!  I will try to update tomorrow too with what else I have made!  Hoping to keep up with this pace all week and get alot done!  Need to get alot made for the Fall Festival Craft Room and for the charity action box of cards I'm doing.  

Been trying out alot of new techniques and really love it and starting to branch out a bit.  tell me what you think!

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