Friday, 17 June 2011

Y am I Blogging?

Hi!  I'm Y'Cats!  I do alot of this and that!  A bit of cooking, a bit of scrap booking, card making, and doing other little crafts and things.  

I'm just a married woman living in the UK though I'm an American.  Living over here for a few years with my husband before we move back to the states.  Supplies here are rather cheap but I've made the mistake of buying too many!  I got all kinds of supplies and my husband has cut me off from buying anymore untill I use up some of what I got!  So I've been card making here lately and trying to slowly work though everything.  I don't have a cutting tool or scoring tool of any kind other then my scissors and a butter knife (works really well!)  so soon as I work though enough of my my supplies I will be seeing about getting one!  will have to make a big dent before my husband is willing though!  

I will try to post on here once a week or so.  maybe more when I've been extra productive!  not all will be card making and scrap booking though because I do sometimes do other crafts and have made up alot of my own recipes here lately as well that I will share with you!  

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