Saturday, 13 August 2011

getting back on track

about time I posted another blog isn't it?  sorry!  I've gotten so bad here lately... maybe it's because I've not been scrapping as much here lately?  instead I've been idea collecting!  I've been surfing the blogs for do-able ideas for Christmas gifts and things to put in a craft room at the fall festival!  so that's where alot of my time has been spent.  I've also been doing little things like...

working on my project 182 days!  I've gotten a good start on the boxes for it and I've got 6 finished and in the box so I'm doing pretty good.  have to get some more white paper before I can make any more though.  I've decided for each of my 182 trinkets I will put them in a box that originally the outside/top will be white and the inside/bottom will be coloured.  then as he opens each box he can put it back together the other way so his box of reason's I love him slowly get colourful!  

here's just a few of the boxes I've gotten made up:

I think I  have about 30-40 total now!  yay!  Not in the photo but I've started doing the coloured bottoms using pages of magazines and stuff instead of my paper now!  recycles and looks just as good plus that keeps my good stuff for other crafts!  

I've had loads of fun playing with my first ever bottle of Glossy Accents too!  I dont' use it much for glueing stuff on but I use it alot to put a glossy finish on things.  soon I want to try to make a ship in a bottle tag thing and then cover it in the gloss.  think that will turn out awesome!

I've really been wanting to make some pompoms useing paper but I dont' have any of the balls for the centre so I will have to wait... that or find something else that will work!  

I'm still surfing though blogs for different craft and/or gift ideas and they keep on having food on them!  makes me hungry!  haha staying strong on my new diet though!  down 5.6 pounds so far!  yay!  

ok off to find an apple I think!  will try to update a bit more often!  


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