Monday, 29 August 2011


Sorry it's been a while since I've updated here.  I've got my new job as a Carer at a nursing home place (only nicer then most!) and I've still got my evening babysitting job and then on top of all that this weekend was a HUGE beer fest at the pub that I work at (I babysit the owners son) so I got loads of work cleaning away glasses and being a general Go-For all weekend.  Worked on the clock for over 18 hours and was there for over 24 hours in two days time.  Was a very busy weekend!  

Wondering what all that has to do with coasters?  well the pub was given loads of coasters like normal and they normally use them if they advertise drinks or what not.  but they got alot of Heinz coasters they didn't want to use so since they know I craft and had asked if I could have a few in the past they gave me ALL of those coasters!  I got about 1000 of them or so here!  so I'm gonna be going crazy crafting with them! making little boxes, minis, frames, magnets  inspirational saying frames, wall many ideas!  so I'm set craft wise for quite a while!  

I'm going to try to get some inspirational saying wall hangings done in time for the Fall Festival back at my home church in the states.  maybe a few name ones as well.  also gonna work out how to make the frames so they can slide in the photo after they are hooked together.  think I know how to do that though.  

so I'm off to play!  wish me luck!



  1. Sounds fun and promising, be sure to post pictures.

  2. How cool!!! Only a crafter would get so excited over getting that many coasters!! Can't wait to see how they turn out, oh the possibilities!!!