Saturday, 6 August 2011

Behind but still here!

sorry all!  I'm a bit behind on posting here I know!  It's because i haven't been crafting much as of late because I've been house sitting for my Mother in Law for two weeks and can't really craft here!  

I do have a HUGE bit of goodies coming though!  will wait to tell you more later though.  untill I have photos to show you what I will be getting.  

still working my my project 182 days.  have 30 more to come up with but I'm sure they will slowly come to me over time as things happen.  I've about got myself convinced to make a box for each tag as well so they dont' get caught on each other and risk them getting damaged.  I found a great little tutorial on how to make 2 inch boxes (top and bottom) out of two 6X6 papers so I might do that!  i got loads of paper after all that I need to start working through!  so I will be hitting that project hard soon.  We never know when he will be called out for a deployment and I would hate to only be half way through it when he leaves.  so I got loads of folding to do!  

well off to visit with my family (at their house now stealing their net!)  More updates soon!  


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  1. I can relate to being behind, just don't seem to be able to finish any much these days let alone get it up on a blog. Looking forward to seeing your little boxes and other projects!