Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Riots

sorry!  gosh I'm behind on here!  will post sometime this week what I've been working on!  promise!  because I've made a birthday card, loads of little cute flowers and 16 (I think?) boxes.  have company here though so I hate to be rude and try to be typeing up one of these while we are talking so it may be untill Friday or Saturday before I get a proper post... or... okok I will try to get one done tomorrow before she wakes up! 

you US followers.  have you seen the riots we've had over here?  it's mad!  luckily I'm way south of any of this but man it's scarry... here's a photo of the confirmed places of rioting in London alone.  this isn't counting the little pockets of more as much as 100 miles away

there's been over 400 arrests but if you look it up there are thousands of people out there looting and setting people's houses and stores afire!  reason?  there is no real reason.  it started over a gang member being shot then it just went from there to people feeling like the government wasn't careing about them anymore and then BOOM!!! riots attacks looting... the riots aren't even about anything any more!  they are just an excuse for punk teens and kids (some as young as 10!) to go out and smash stuff up and loot.  

hope this ends soon... I got alot of friends that live in these area.  so far so good with them staying indoors and safe, but they can only hold up for so long before they have to go out..... 

anyways!  an ART update from me soon!  


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  1. So very scarey, been watching on the news here in Aus and also online, I have many UK friends and is saddens and sickens me to see such pointless violence, stay safe and know we are all thinking of you Xxx