Sunday, 14 August 2011

It's here!

Finally got my goodies!  Omg I'm so excited!  most of it I don't get now... it gets wrap up for Christmas but yay for what I do get!  

confused?  ok sorry was getting ahead of myself there... so my husband Mike's Mom is moving and she decided that she didn't need all her crafting gear anymore so she offered to sell it to Mike for a set price WAY below what it's worth.  He awesomely took her up on it!  look at all this stuff!

three HUGE HEAVY boxes worth!  those boxes are big!  now before you get to excited to see all my goodies I gotta tell you most of it I don't get yet... but I did have a fast peek through and got a few little things and one BIG thing out of it!  first off I got this:

it's a glue gun so I stop stealing Mike's good one, some glue, another small cutting pad to work on (because mine's even smaller!) and one Christmas saying stamp.  pretty cool hu?  but that's not be best!  what I got that I can't get enough of is this!

that's right!  a Cuttlebug!  and one set of alphabet! I've been wanting one for ages!!!!!!!  omg omg omg omg!  I am so excited and I've already made two cards this morning useing the letters!  I hate hand writing on my cards because mine is so rubbish so this is gonna open up loads of new doors for me to be able to craft with!  I'm so happy you have no idea!

I also got a quick peek at the rest of what was in the boxes but long as I didn't look too close. here are a few photos I snapped.  I only went about a fourth way down into the boxes even!  don't get it now though.... but now I know Christmas is gonna be craft stuff crazy!  haha!

that stand thingy has a total of 30 different coloured ink pads on it! then glitter, pens, paper, and embellishments

more paper and embellishments! 

bairly even scratched the surface of this box!

more embellishments, an album, a bag of papers, glitters and more!

embellishments!  yay!!!!

still so much more in there that I didn't even get to look at!  though I did spy loads of ribbon!

my diecut!  yaya!  and glitter and little box after box of embellishments!

more diecut things in there but i didn't get to look yet.  and soooooo much paper!  this isn't even to the bottom of the box either though this one is alot closer!

more papers!  in that same box again

more things for my diecut!

and more paper!  

and even more paper!

well that's as much as I was alowed to look at.  pretty cool hu?  get here faster Christmas!  haha!  off to craft!


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