Sunday, 14 August 2011

365 Cards: Day 166

Finally able to get back in to card making!  home with no visitors, not having to house sit, not out and about every day... so yay!  back to making cards again!  and now that I have my diecut machine I'm on a roll!  

got two different cards made but I only have one on my computer.  that one is for today's day-166-super-sketchy-sunday challenge!  and here she is!

I know my colour is a bit off... the background is white not the blueish grey colour... didn't have good enough lighting for the photo.  sorry... but you get the idea!  woot for diecut letters/words!

after making this card I got very mad at my desk being such a horrible mess and two hours later my desk and my shelves next to it are all straightened up at last!  good!  that's been needing done for the last two months!  I can finally see where my tools are again!  

hope you liked the card!  I'm off to create more since I'm in a productive mood!  



  1. Cute card I love the lettering great font good job with this challenge.

  2. super fun card, lovin that blue!!!!