Monday, 15 August 2011

My little helper

I love my cat Raven so much!  He's awesome!  Though a bit of a butthead... he loves to sit in the window next to my desk and sleep as I craft or sleep behind my chair: (he was about to itch an inch)

and I like it when he sleeps here like this:

however sometimes he sleeps right were I can't craft OR computer because he's in my way:

one of his favourite things is to push little bottles or embellishments around my desk.  today he was chasing after this bottle for a while and I keep saying his name to make him stop.  He jumped down on the office table that's caddy-corner to my desk and well.....

But you gotta love him!  


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  1. I love cats!! One of the reasons I can't wait to graduate law school is so I won't live in dorms anymore and I can get a cat :) Your cat is very adorable!!