Tuesday, 16 August 2011

DieCut Fun

I've been haveing so much fun with my new-to-me diecut machine!  

here's one I had fun destressing as much as I could. Had no idea what I was gonna put as a saying then I got my diecut!  So I had to put a word on it all broken like!  
took me forever to decide what to put in that far corner!  am glad I picked something small though!

let's see... what else did I make...

this one is just a simple card.  was trying to get use to my different things I had cut out.  basicly all the blue on this card but the flower in the vase was diecut

a simple card but it would have been impossible before this diecut!  

I have so many wedding confetti!  had to use it!  I have bells, hearts, couples, just married words.... had to use some of it!

now take a closer look at the Just married though... doesn't it look like just maimed?  confused my husband and I but we think it's just the way it's written...

and last but not least (of the ones I have taken photos of and have on my computer that is!)

a very simple card... wish I had put texture in the background but oh well... live and learn.... I LOVE the big flower on the bottom of this one!  that's all diecut out!  yes I only have an alphabet but with that set there is the vase, flower stem/leaf, that odd half a flower thing... the thanks, HI, to, from, that tag, and those pointy flowers.  but that's all the ones I get for now!  gonna try to get as much out of them as I can so expect to see loads of thanks and hi cards from me for a while using the Cuttlebug! 



  1. congrats on the diecut toy,love the easy cards

  2. Have fun with the die cutter! They are great for card making.