Sunday, 31 July 2011

Digital Scrapbooking

Been playing some with the digtal scrapbooking!  it's really addictive! alot of fun to play with though I'm still working through how to organize all my freebies I found!  
Been doing some of my family... first off some of my little brother...

isn't he cute?  all photos Mom has taken from March!  He's such a good kid!

then I'm working on some of my Sister in Law... trying to come up with enough photos to make a small mini of her for my Mother in Law if I can!

Really happy with that last one!  

last page I did today was of my Daddy!  back... oh... 10...20... okok 30ish years ago!  haha!  this had to be around the time him and my Mom got married when he was 21!  really wanted to do a military one of him but couldn't find any scanned in photos of him in his uniform so I went with Farm boy/proud American instead.  

really love how this one turned out!  i like doing these because I don't have to have loads of supplies pitching around... right now infact I'm at my Mother in Law's house watching her dogs as she's out of town.  that's why I haven't had any cards done lately.  don't want to drag all that here.  so instead i'm trying to figure out this digital scrap booking stuff!  my hubby isn't a big fan of it but oh well... I got a great group of ladies on one website that really support me in it!  

oh yeah.  I'm also playing around with doing some photo editing like this: 

and printing them out and framing them for my Mom.  this is my little brother again back when he was... 3?  I think three... or close to it.  print this, add some jewels and bling, frame it, done!  think it would make some great gifts!  

have a great week everyone! 



  1. I have only done one Hybrid LO so far. Can't bring myself to go digital on LO's I just love doing it by hand. I may have to try alittle more digital after seeing what you've done.

  2. Creative Memories got great two programs for a digital scrapbooking... One is CM which is great way to organize your pictures and other CM story this one is great with working tools and organizing your freebies. I am not a distributor, but I have it and love so much! You don't have to get both to work together. For me, widows7 with their pictures storage woos as good as CM. So take a look into CM Story book (again I might not exactly right on the name, but any distributor will know it). The best part, you can use all Adobe created freebies! Well, you know where to find me, if something! the way, love your creations! Do you want to be a designer for my digital part of the web?

  3. Awesome scrapbook layouts! LOVE both the bluish/green layouts.