Monday, 4 July 2011

Everywhere I look I see cards!

Cards everywhere!  I have 6 on my right up on the side drying, 5 in a pile for OWH, 6 in a pile to go for the church charity auction, one behind me drying on a set of drawers, and three un-finished one scattered around me, one of which is even between my arms as I type this!  about half of these I made today even!  the random ones I will post sometime this week all together and ofcourse do my 365 daily post tomorrow.  got it done now but it's drying and I'm trying to think of the perfect saying to put on it!  some of what I'm working on is for the OWH 4th of July challenges so I will try to post them all in one blog instead of in loads.  I'm really stuck on one right now and am hopefully I get some inspiration for it tomorrow!  

1 comment:

  1. Super jealous! I really need to find time to do more card making! I keep buying stamps that I think would be great for it, and then that's usually as far as I get. :P