Friday, 22 July 2011

365 card: Day 141

been playing more with shaker cards and made this one to enter in Day 141 of Green Brown and Blue!

wasn't 100% happy with this though I loved the idea... I put too much tea in it though and remade it a bit different, but I forgot about the 365 days so it no longer fit that but I will share it anyways!

Love how this one turned out!  for you non-UK folk that's how you order tea over here!  Tea, white, two.  means you want a mug of tea, with milk and two sugars!  so this card is really for a tea crazy person!  hehe

right got so much more I want to show you but not tonight... I'm at work and though I'm allowed on the computer after the boy i babysit goes to sleep I would rather not use up all their net so that's it for now!  will try to do an update tomorrow of all the cards I've done and show a new project I'm working on!  hope you have a great weekend!