Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Questions to Ponder

While sitting up here on this sofa as the little boy I baby sit is down stairs sleeping and the dog is giveing me strange looks, I can't help but ponder a few things about scraping and challenges.  

Today I showed my husbands some people's entries for different card contests and he was surprised to see some people make one card then enter it in 5-10 different challenges to try to win something.  it's the whole point to be scraping/card making more and to be inspired to make muti things?  Maybe mix a couple if they really inspire you together but not to take your creation and hold it up to different challenges and go "can this one fit this?"  you should be inspired by the challenge and not try to "make it fit" just for an extra chance to win.

how many ways can you make the same kind of card?  you can change the colour, the size, the angle, but useing the same style.  how many times can this be done before your art becomes stale?  or how strong does the style have to be to make it your personal "style" instead of just "repetitive"  hum....

Why are people always surprised when they learn my husband has female friends he hangs out with?  the other day he was in the pub next door to my work where my boss works the pub with her husband as I babysit.  when she came back she was shocked and asked me right away if I knew my husband was in.  when I told her yes she seemed concerned that he was in with a female friend and was very shocked when I told her I knew he was and I was ok with it and even told me she was keeping an eye on them for me.  When does it not become ok for a guy to have a friendly drink with another girl.  I could get it if it was without me knowing or done sneakily but if he was up to no good he wouldn't do it in the pub I work for.  Why are people always surprised by the blind faith and trust we have in each other?  is it because they can't trust their partner so blindly?  or they secretly know if they were trusted that way they wouldn't/couldn't stay faithfull?

why am I asking all these questions?

have I made you stop and think?

can you guys tell I'm trying to not nod off on this overly comfortable sofa so I'm not caught sleeping on the job?  and that I am half asleep and a bit out of it?

now I'm off to find anouther way to stay awake!  will I get any replies to this?  more then likely not :P


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  1. as long as you know about it, and it's not sneaky, I don't see what the big deal is,,,,,

    I think people like to assume the worst instead of the best, unfortunately.