Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Back from Camping! (loads of photos)

omg this weekend was GREAT!  had so much fun camping and I have so many photos and fond memories to share with you!  

before I start posting photos though I need to explain something... I'm a furry.  now that doesn't mean we dress up like animals to do horrible things in a back room.  for me and my husband it isn't a sexual thing!  it's just for fun.  so that's why you will see a couple photos of people dressed up in animal outfits.  only a couple photos though.  my husband is the one with the red white and blue dog!  Please don't believe CSI or anything else you see on TV about furries... that's NOT who we are!  we do it just for fun.  it's a good excuse to run around and act silly!  

ok now that I got that out of the way... all the photos!  

a friend of ours brought her dog Maya with us!  she's a sweetheart but super spoiled!

our friend RJ putting up his tent in the rain!

my hubby!  we hung out in the tent a bit the first day playing cards when it was raining

here's the fursuiters!  the blue one sitting is the maker of all 4 of these suits!  

a closeup of my husband's suit Duplo!  isn't it cute!  

and a lovely sunset the first night!  

slow start for some on Saturday Morning!  

a nice balancing act by Maya!  

my hubby and one of our friends goofing off.  we played alot of ball games and such that day!

oh my!  night time again and one of me being goffy with a glowstick!  

glow sticks are fun!

want some cold water to get you up?  haha!

.... my hubby's a goofball!  

er... as I said....

just chilling out the last morning...

and ofcourse have to make a mess... pepsi and mint imperials....

same idea as mentos... it gosh fffffffffssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

and makes a huge mess!  haha!

so ofcourse we chucked it away!  

when it hit the ground it bounced back up like a rocket!  was pretty awesome!

man that was a great weekend... now to catch up on makeing cards!


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