Tuesday, 19 July 2011

New card style and OMG a clean desk? no way!

worked out a new card making style!  well... not new new... new to me!  haha been making shaker cards!  

this one was my first try:

really like how it turned out but am changeing some things up next time I make it... make the border around the shaker out of blue not white and only do one layer up not two.  but other then that I'm super happy with it!

see the birds on it?  confetti!  I got so excited when my hubby got me it!  it was in a large pack of birds, hearts, wineglasses, bells, a couple, and the words "just married".  I'm gonna use all but the couple and words easily.  but got plans to cut up some of the words to use in shakers cards!  

I've also done anouther shaker card but wasn't 100% happy with it so will wait and show you the second go around on it! ^^

I've cleaned my desk (kindof) today too!  been about two weeks since I had and stuff was getting lost!  haha!

oh and as a special little somethign wanted to show you a photo of me and my husband!  

it's he cute?  he helps me out so much with my scrapping!  the idea of the card I have yet to show you was his then I took it and I just took it and made it work on a card!  and he cut the circles for the borders for me and taught me how to do it!  he also glued the shells on the card for me in that shaker card!  he's a real help and always gives me good input!  



  1. this is absolutely DARLING! I love it!!!!!!!! You should do more of these, you are very good at it!

  2. Oh and you are absolutely so cute, I can't stand it! The two of you together are just darling!

  3. I love that card. It looks so beachy and I'm really envying people who are enjoying the beach.

  4. This looks so adorable! Very good job on the shaker aspect! I'm a new follower, and I would love for you to check my blog out too! :)

  5. It's awesome! Just looking at it makes me want to take a dip!