Tuesday, 26 July 2011

random update

getting behind on posting on here so I thought I would tell you a few things I've been working on!  

well.. not alot... I've been busy!  but here are a few more calender magnets!  

out of magnet strips so done doing these for a while!  but just untill I get some more strips!  

I've also been playing around some with bottle caps... but don't have anythign from that to show you yet.  gotta wait for my order of glossy accents comes in!  I've never had any before and am really looking forward to playing with it!  

this is a butter fly I made out of the fabric flowers I got a while back!  been playing with them alot and just had to make this!  after taking this photo I hot glued a mini close pin on the back of it and it's not clipped to the top of the lamp shade on my desk!  no idea what else I could do with it because it's kind of large so it will live there for a while!  

now I'm playing with the little tags I bought recently!  I'm distressing them and think inking them with brown and then stamping cute little black pawprints on them!  no idea what I'm gonna do with them yet... but I want to play with little crafts right now and nothing big!  


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