Wednesday, 27 July 2011

182 Day Project

don't know if I have told you all on here yet or not but my husband is in the British Navy.  He's an engineer there and works with pretty much everything from the big diesels to a stopped up toilet.  he's gone alot due to this job unfortunately..... he will be gone from sometimes just a couple days, sometimes a couple weeks, a month... and then every 18 months or so he's gone for a 6 month deployment where my only contact with him is emails that he can't always check and letters and good boxes I can send to him that he only gets about once a month.  

Anyways... where am I going with this?  Well I was playing around with a mini tag the other day and decided to write a note on it to him for him to find in his bag while at work.  from this idea sprung my newest project!  182 days (6 months) of notes for him to read showing him my love for him even when he's so far away so he doesn't forget that I'm thinking of him every single day.  

This is a huge task!  I've made up two tags so far.  the one I was makeing yesterday that caused the idea and one more since then.  I'm putting them all in a shoe box right now, and might use that shoe box only dress it up a bit to send with him.  

so I now have 182 reasons to come up with (harder then you think!  there's reasons... but it's hard not to repeat and to try to put those feelings into words, and I don't want to look up any on the net... these all need to come from ME so alot of thinking to do!), 182 tags to make that can all be thrown in one box and not catch on each other and keep hardy, a box to decorate, and something to make for him to keep the tags in after he reads them.  so... i'm more then likely gonna be busy for 182 days!  haha!  good thing his next trip isn't even on the books yet so I have loads of time still!  

I will try to keep you guys updated with how I'm doing on this as I work on it.  As always any advice or input is most appreciated!  I will try to update you on this once a week.  

God bless!



  1. It is always difficult having a long distance relationship. When my boyfriend first started law school he moved to New York & I stayed in Arizona where we had previously lived. That's about 3000 miles away, so it really wasn't practical to visit often. I came up with some craftsy things to remind him how much I love him!

    One thing I did was make an advent calendar I sent him when I knew it would be 30 days until I got there [well, I sent it a little early, and then wrote "Don't open until ___ date" on the front]. In it I put little paper bags that I had stamped with numbers. In each bag was a note and a little present...some were candy, some were other little things & lots of them were refrigerator magnets I made him of things he likes [it's hard to come up with 30 presents that will fit in mini bags & last for a long time in a box, lol]

    Your idea sounds really great, and having done something similar for 30 days, you have a huge task ahead of you! So good luck & I'm sure it'll turn out great :)

  2. This is such a thoughtful idea. I bet your hubby will love reading the tags and love your thoughtfulness in making them. Good luck. (I know how hard it is to come up things to write. I tried to do 60 my sister-in-law's birthday. I love her to death, but I only got to about 30. I've been stuck for a month now.)

  3. Great project idea. When I lived in Italy I sent my mom a jar on mother's day with the instructions to pull out one note every week. Each note contained a fond memory. She loved it and found it hard not to just read each little slip right away. Good luck with your project it will be very worthwhile.