Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Inspiration Tuesday!

well... I got this inspiration on Monday but I thought I would share them with you guys to see if you can get inspired like I do!

a while back I was looking for a modern "new age" dress for a card I was making.  this is what I found:

I was inspired by the red and black one on the right.  And this is the card I was able to make from that (you've already seen it if you are following me because I used it for one of my 365 Cards)

Yesterday I was inspired by:

I just loved all the angels and the colours and everything about this! so this is the card I made:

think I will put thinking of you or something on this.... or just leave it blank

here's a few more fashion shots that inspire me that I haven't done a card off of yet.  (all these photos are credited to the models, photographers, designers ect.  I found them on google :P  )

These colours together and the way it's only half... gotta use that some time!

once again the colours and angles on this

the blue with the black lines with all the straight cuts....

the middle one with the puffy yellow then the black in the middle!
And last but not least the green ruffles of this with the yellow and colour on top!

And that's it for my inspiration Tuesday!  if you get inspired from one of these and do a card or layout or anything off them please let me know and link me up to it!  would love to see what you come up with!


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  1. it is so cool that you can find inspiration from these photos! oh I love the orange card, awesome!!