Saturday, 23 July 2011

Refrigerator Calender

Saw an idea for these the other day and just HAD do to them!  I'm having a blast makeing these!  will sue them as gifts for the people that are on the line for a Christmas gifts.  you know... those that you are "do I get them a gift or not?  are they that close to me? "

do you guys like them?  I'm having so much fun making them!  luckily I bought 5 fake LARGE flowers yesterday that I can use the petals off of them! 

hum... now to think of more ideas! haha!



  1. Your calendars are cute. The colors are happy and bright!

  2. Those are very cute! I especially like the one with the orange flower.

  3. absolutely adorable,,,,,I love the orange one@

  4. I love this idea! These would make great gifts too! :)

  5. Those are simply adorable and I thing they make great gifts. Welcome to blogging. Hope you jump in my newbie party sometime, going on now.